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What Will the Screening Be Like?

tech and patient

We will call you prior to your appointment to discuss specific preparation instructions.

  • On the day of your exam, please arrive 15 minutes early to check-in
  • Plan for around 45 minutes for your exam
  • Our CT technologist will help you onto the scanner table and then go out of the room to run the scanner from a computer located behind, through the viewing window
  • The technologist will communicate with you throughout the exam
  • The CT table you are on will move into the scanner and the technologist will take the images
  • After the exam, your images will be viewed by one our our radiologists who will review the information and write a report for your provider
  • This information is shared with your provider within 24 hours of your exam
  • The provider who referred you for the CT exam will be the one to follow-up with you about your results