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Lung Cancer Screening

couple in 60s

Take this assessment to find out if a lung cancer screening is right for you:

  1. Are you between the ages of 55 - 80?
  2. Are you a current smoker or have you quit smoking within the last 15 years?
  3. Have you smoked the equivalent of 30 pack-years* or more in your lifetime?

*Pack-years means: (number of packs smoked per day) x (number of years smoked). For example, a person who smoked two packs of cigarettes per day for 20 years has a history of 40 pack years of smoking

If you answered "Yes" to all of these questions and do not have symptoms of lung cancer, screening is recommended.

  1. Have you been exposed to asbestos?
  2. Have you been exposed to any of these other environmental hazards: silica, cadmium, arsenic, beryllium, chromium, diesel fumes, nickel, coal smoke and soot?

If you answered "Yes" to questions 4 or 5  you may qualify for a lung cancer screening.

A health care provider's referral is required for screening.