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Digital Mammogram

What is a digital mammogram?

Digital mammography is a safe, low-dose X-ray picture of the breast that allows early detection of breast cancer. Screening mammograms are considered a routine, yearly exam for women with no new breast problems. If you have new breast symptoms or problems you will need a diagnostic mammogram. A physician order is not required for an annual screening mammogram, but is required for a diagnostic mammogram. Specific imaging centers offer screening and/or diagnostic digital mammography. You can call one of our facilities directly to schedule.


Benefits of digital mammography

  • Shorter exams with higher quality images compared to analog mammography
  • Better visibility of the entire breast, particularly of dense breasts
  • Images can be enhanced for more diagnostic information
  • Capabilities result in fewer repeat views, which can mean less radiation exposure (up to 50% less)


To learn more, please contact a center near you that offers mammograms