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Finding Value in Healthcare

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As a consumer, you shop to find value in the services you purchase. Simply meaning, did the price match the quality of service I was provided? We take our responsibility to prove our value to you seriously. 

One critical aspect of value in medical imaging is quality, which is ingrained in what we do for each patient, every day. Yet “quality” can be a hard term to define, and prove! We’ve made progress working with insurance providers, government and other health care organizations to define specific ways to measure quality in diagnostic imaging and related services, including:

  • Patient safety and privacy
  • Service measures (speed and access to care)
  • Clinical training of doctors and team
  • Accuracy and expertise
  • Staff training and performance
  • Technology and equipment quality
  • Ongoing quality assurance
  • Patient satisfaction 

Last year we served nearly one million patients through our centers and partners nationally. Ask questions about your care. Wherever you go for medical imaging and related services are your choice, so choose value.

Understand the Cost of Care

In health care, getting to that level of information about out-of-pocket costs for an exam is not always easy to do. Insurance plans vary and your actual out-of-pocket costs as a patient vary based on a number of factors, including the insurance plan's negotiated rate, where you are at with your annual deductible, your co-pay percentage and any other pending claims from doctor visits, to name a few. 

We’re here to help. Contact the local center where your service was performed for personalized information about the cost of the exam and how that applies to your current benefits.   

Insurance plans accepted vary by provider, including Medicare, Medicaid, commercial coverage, auto accident, workers’ compensation and government funded programs. Be sure to ask at the time you schedule your appointment if the imaging or procedure you are having is covered by your insurance.

We recommend that you have the following on hand when you call:

  1. Your referring doctor's name
  2. The name of the procedure (example: Knee MRI with contrast) 
  3. Your insurance card or let us know this will be self-pay

Depending on where you access your care, the types of bills you receive may be different. You might receive one bill, known as a global bill, for professional (physician) or technical (the actual services and/or supplies) costs, or several bills, depending on the provider.