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MRI? Think CDI.

A traditional MRI may be difficult for people for various reasons, including claustrophobia, anxiety, large body build or obesity. At CDI, we offer a wide selection of MRIs to help meet your individual needs, making your imaging experience as comfortable as possible while capturing high-quality images. 

Working with you and your provider, we will help select the MRI that is right for you.

High-field open MRI

High-field, wide-bore MRI

  • Large inner-bore (this is the inside of the MRI where you lay), the size of a hula hoop
  • High-field scanner for high-quality, clear images
  • Accommodates larger patients, up to 500 lbs.
  • Located in AvonCarmel and Greenwood

High-field oval MRI

  • An oval opening designed around the shape of the body
  • High-field scanner for high-quality, clear images
  • Extra space for broad-shouldered or overweight patients, accommodates patients up to 440lbs.
  • Available at Fishers and Indianapolis

3T High-field MRI

High-field MRI


**Note: scanner weight limits are approximate and are dependent on body shape/size.