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We can help guide you through your first mammogram

You probably have questions if you've never had a mammogram before, we are here to help!

Screening and awareness are important when it comes to your health. It is recommended that women over the age of 40 get a screening mammogram every year. Most insurances cover this preventative exam at no cost to you.  


Tips for a more comfortable mammogram:

  • Choose a two-piece outfit so you will only have to remove your top. You will be provided a gown or robe.
  • Try and schedule your appointment after your period to reduce any breast tenderness that many women experience the week before and during their period.


What happens during your mammogram? 

The entire exam only takes about 10-15 minutes. A robe or gown will be provided, you will need to remove your top and bra but you can keep your pants or skirt on during the exam. Our technologist will perform a physical breast exam prior to the mammogram. Then, your technologist will escort you to the X-ray machine specifically designed for mammograms. One at a time, your breasts will be carefully positioned between the adjustable platform and clear plate. Brief pressure is applied to flatten tissue in order to get the clearest picture.

A mammogram may be briefly uncomfortable but it is not a painful exam. At CDI, our comfortable center environments and staff of experts will provide you with the best experience possible. Our staff will answer all of your questions and guide you through the exam. 

Click here for a full list of tips and what to expect before and after your mammogram