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Quality. Value. Convenience. That’s CDI.

Exams at CDI’s easy-to-access centers in Central Florida cost 30-50% less than hospital imaging, without sacrificing quality.

Independent imaging providers, like Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) in Central Florida, make getting the medical imaging you need easy while also offering a more affordable imaging option. In fact, we cost around 30-50% less than hospital-affiliated imaging providers. 

How does CDI offer quality care at a better price?

  • Medical imaging is all we do and we do it well. We're optimized for efficient and effective imaging care with minimal overhead expenses. 
  • Our centers are conveniently located throughout Central Florida. There are no complex health systems to navigate and parking is free. 
  • Our technologists (the person running the equipment and capturing your images) are certified and walk you comfortably through your exam, staying in contact with you even when you are in the scanner. 
  • Our radiologists (the doctors who review the images and write the reports) are local, board-certified and fellowship-trained. They are on-site to ensure patients receive the appropriate care with fast answers. 
  • Your reports and images are available to you through our secure patient portal. Just ask one of our front office associates how to sign up.  
  • CDI invests in advanced technology and shares best practices nationally to be at the forefront of imaging care. 

Make sure to consider quality when choosing your imaging provider.

Beyond cost, at CDI we pride ourselves on quality and consider this as important a consideration as price. Quality varies among imaging providers. If you are price comparison shopping, Download a Quality Checklist (excel document) to compare quality metrics of imaging providers in addition to costs. 

Call 407-741-5400 to speak to our staff or to schedule an appointment.