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Now Offering High-field, Wide-open MRI

High-field Wide-open MRI

CDI in Oviedo, Florida now offers High-field, Wide-open MRI. This MRI scanner can help ease some feelings of claustrophobia or accommodate patients that are larger. Our caring technologists will help guide you through your procedure. To learn more about what to expect, visit the following resources in our knowledge center (the links below will open in a new window):

High-quality images and exceptional patient comfort

  • Open architecture provides a more comfortable patient experience, compared to traditional MRI scanners 

  • Accommodates most patients up to 550 lbs. 

  • Sedation available, if needed

Ideal for Patients Who:

  • Are anxious or claustrophobic

  • Have mobility limitations

  • Are in pain

Clear images for accurate diagnoses

We can’t diagnose what we can’t see. As a High-field scanner, our Wide-open MRI captures clear, detailed images so you can be confident of an accurate diagnosis.

Looking for a more comfortable MRI experience without sacrificing the quality of the images needed to determine your care? Call us to speak to our friendly CDI team.

CDI offers High-field MRI scanners in four locations across Central Florida. Learn more here!