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Cost & Payment

Need a price estimate? We can help.

At CDI, we accept most major insurance plans, including auto accident, workers’ compensation and government funded programs. If you have a high-deductible plan or no insurance and would like to know the cost of your imaging exam before your appointment, our insurance specialists can provide a personalized price estimate.

You will most likely receive one “global” bill* from CDI that includes both the technical fee (your actual scan) and the professional fee (the written report from the medical doctor). Other providers may send you two or three separate bills, so if you are comparing costs be sure to ask how many bills you will receive in total.


Call us for a personalized price estimate.

Be sure to have the following on hand:

  1. Your referring provider's name
  2. The name of the procedure (example: Knee MRI with contrast)
  3. Your insurance card or let us know this will be self-pay

To compare cost and quality of providers, download our comparison grid.

*Medicare and a few insurance providers require separate bills for technical and professional fees. In these few instances, you will receive two bills from us. 

Looking to pay your bill?

Pay Your Bill Online