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MRI? Think CDI.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI or MR) combines a powerful magnet with an advanced computer system and radio waves to produce accurate, detailed pictures of organs and tissues to diagnose a variety of medical conditions and guide patient care. The strength of an MRI magnet is called “field strength” and is measured in Tesla or “T.” 

At our Dallas/Fort Worth centers, we have a variety of MRIs to meet your needs while capturing high-quality images to guide your medical care. 

Our exceptional staff is focused on your total MRI experience, regardless of the specific scanner. We'll do our best to make you as comfortable as possible and to get you through your exam quickly and safely.

High-field MRI

high-field mri

High-field Open MRI

high-field open MRI

  • Truly open MRI with 270-degree unobstructed views
  • High-field scanner for high-quality, clear images
  • Ideal for claustrophobic, anxious and larger patients
  • Available at Mansfield and Richardson

High-field Oval MRI

high-field oval MRI

  • An oval opening designed around the shape of the body
  • High-field scanner for high-quality, clear images
  • Extra space for broad-shouldered or overweight patients
  • Available at McKinney

High-field, Wide-bore MRI

High-field, Wide-bore MRI

  • Large inner-bore (this is the inside of the MRI where you lie) is, the size of a hula hoop
  • High-field scanner for high-quality, clear images
  • Available at Plano (Independence)

Center for Diagnostic Imaging centers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area are operated by Methodist CDI, a Texas non-profit corporation, and are staffed by independently practicing physicians who are contracted by Methodist CDI. The physicians and staff who provide services at the imaging centers are not employees or agents of Methodist Health System or any of its affiliated hospitals.