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Women’s Imaging Services

Quality imaging in a comfortable setting

CDI in Central Minnesota features beautiful centers and expert staff that will put you at ease and provide you the information you need. It’s your choice where you go for your annual mammogram, CDI has you covered:

    • Our beautiful spa-like centers were designed with you in mind. You will enjoy comfortable robes and a relaxing atmosphere.
    • CDI offers a free breast cancer risk assessment after your mammogram to help determine your individual risk of breast cancer.
    • Not only can we perform an annual mammogram we also can provide you with diagnostic services if you should need them.
    • Our breast imaging radiologists receive additional training and specialize in reading breast scans, so they notice the small details that could lead to an early diagnosis.
    • CDI’s technologists are specifically trained to help make your exam a comfortable experience and get the best scan possible.

Yearly mammograms are an important step in your health care. An annual screening mammogram is recommended for women beginning at age 40, according to the American College of Radiology (ACR) and the Society of Breast Imaging (SBI). The American Cancer Society also recommends that women have the choice to begin mammography screening at age 40. For the complete, updated ACS guidelines, click here.


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If you need to schedule your annual mammogram or another medical imaging exam, call one of our convenient outpatient centers today