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CDI Pain Care Patient Stories

Read about our patient's experiences at CDI Pain Care

Received 8/20/2015

Dr. Cohn is wonderful and I finally found a doctor that understands my chronic pain and wants to help me get better. Thank-you!


Received 10/1/2014

Today a patient told us that CDI Pain Care is the best thing that has ever happened to her. She explained how she felt like she was running in a circle and not getting the answers she needed to get better. With Dr. Cohn she was able to do her MRI and find out that she really had a synovial cyst and could actually do something about treating it. She loves the Pain Care Team and how we all work with getting her what she needs when she needs it.


Received 9/23/2014

A patient called me yesterday thanking Dr. Cohn and his staff for taking the time to meet with her and for listening to her when she needed to discuss where her pain was and what she was feeling. She said just the support she received helped improve her pain and wanted to thank us for being there for patients when they need it the most.


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Call our Patient Advocacy line at 320-229-4646 for questions about insurance coverage. The program meets Minnesota payers’ requirements for conservative spine pain management. CDI Pain Care will be a HealthPartners Designated Medical Spine Center as well.

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Dr. Cohn created the Minnesota Physicial Medicine Blog to educate people on their options for pain management. No matter where you have pain, there are solutions to get you back on the road to a pain free life. 

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