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Where You Go for Medical Imaging is Your Choice

Claustrophobic or simply concerned? Choose CDI.

CDI's High-field (1.5T) MRI scanners in our Alexandria, Sartell and St. Cloud Northwest center have a Wide-open bore, combining image quality and comfort.

  • Extra-wide architecture accommodates patients of all sizes (up to 550 lbs.)
  • Bore depth is only 3 feet (traditional short MRI scanners are 4 feet)
  • Diameter of the bore is 27.5 inches versus 23.5 inches (traditional scanners), allowing for one foot of headroom
  • Great for patients who get anxious or claustrophobic (including pediatric), or have a hard time moving around due to pain

Beyond our technology, be confident in our:

  • Certified technologists who will keep you comfortable during your scan
  • Subspecialized radiologists who will accurately review your images and create a detailed report to help your provider determine the most appropriate treatment path for you. 
  • Quality, which is evident in our patient satisfaction results. Over 94% of patients surveyed would recommend us to their family and friends.

Learn more about the MRI experience and listen to what an MRI sounds like

The nearby Twin Cities metro has CDI centers with Open Upright MRI and High-field Open MRI, if you require a more open experience.

Experience High-field MRI at CDI.

Tell your provider you want to go to CDI for your next MRI.

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