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Relieve Sinus Pressure and Pain

CT sinus captures clear pictures of the sinus cavities

Patient with Sinus PainMany of us suffer from seasonal sinus pressure, pain, congestion and irritation. While this may be an acute case of sinusitis, which is a temporary infection, you may have chronic sinusitis if your symptoms don’t go away.

To get started on the path to feeling better, consider a CT Sinus exam at Insight Imaging - Garfield. A CT Sinus exam is a fast, painless scan that captures very clear pictures of your sinus cavities. 

If you already have a referral from your provider, call our center to schedule an appointment. 

STEP 1: See Your Doctor

A physician's referral is necessary for a CT sinus exam and it's the right first step in determining proper medical care. Seeing you primary care provider, allergist or ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist is the best starting point, allowing you to discuss the history of your condition with a trusted medical provider. 

STEP 2: Choose a Medical Imaging Provider

128-slice CT at Insight Imaging - GarfieldWhile a provider’s order is required for this exam, where you go is up to you. 

At Insight Imaging - Garfield, our CT Sinus exams are performed on our advanced, 128-slice CT scanner. This offers a better patient experience with incredibly fast scan times (10 minutes or less) and extremely clear images to aid in making an accurate diagnosis. 

Due to the painful nature of sinus problems, getting patients and their providers answers quickly is key to optimal patient care. We can often see patients same-day or next-day, provided we can obtain the pre-authorization required by the patient’s insurance company.

The CT Sinus exam allows our subspecialized radiologists to look at different levels of the skull and sinus cavities to review for:

  • Injury, trauma
  • Infection, inflammation
  • Fluid level issues
  • Abnormalities, growths/polyps, deviated septum
  • Pre-surgical planning

The CT technology allows us to see the issues behind your symptoms much more clearly than X-ray or with an endoscope.

STEP 3: Work with Your Doctor to Identify a Treatment Plan

CT Sinus Scan ImageOnce your imaging is complete, the radiologist will give your written diagnostic report and CT images to the provider who referred you for the exam.

Your provider will review that information in context of your medical history and talk with you about next steps. These may consist of over-the-counter pain relievers, saline rinses, antibiotics or surgery depending on the severity of your situation.

In addition to your provider seeing the results from your CT scan, you can also access your report and images on Insight Imaging's secure patient portal. If you are a previous patient of Insight Imaging, you can call 626-572-0912 for an access code.