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Cutting-edge Technology

3-D imaging paints a clearer picture

CT ShoulderThe Hitachi SCENARIA® Advanced 128 CT opens the door to advanced new imaging services, including 3-D reconstructions for better communication between providers and patients about what is happening inside the patient’s body. 

Clinical Benefits of SCENARIA® Advanced 128 CT:

  • Scans 128 slices of anatomy in just 0.35 seconds
  • Speed results in reduced patient motion artifact for clearer images
  • Scanner bed (table) shifts left to right to accurately center the proper area of the body in the scanner, which minimizes radiation dose without compromising image quality
  • Fine, detailed images for small lesions, vessels and cardiac imaging
  • Accommodates patients up to 500 lbs.

128-slice CT scanner offers incredible speed and image clarity

CT ScannerInsight Imaging – Garfield now offers patients a new kind of CT experience. Moving from a 16-slice CT to our 128-slice CT means that we can scan more images in less time. For our patients this means:

  • Less time in the scanner
  • More comfortable exams with shorter breath-holds
  • Reduced exposure to radiation

If you need a CT scan, take advantage of our new technology. There is no additional cost for imaging services on our new 128-slice CT and our CT technologists are certified and experienced in ensuring you have a safe and comfortable exam. 

It's your choice where to go for imaging care

Be confident that when choosing Insight Imaging – Garfield, you are receiving the latest in imaging technology delivered by industry experts.

If you have any questions or are ready to schedule an appointment, please give us a call.