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Understand the Underlying Cause of Your Joint Pain

An MRI Arthrogram combines two powerful diagnostic imaging technologies to give us a clear look into your joints (shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles) to understand what may be causing your pain. It is available at our Encinitas MRI Center.

Image of the C-Arm.For the exam, you will lie on a C-arm table where the radiologist will inject contrast into the joint of interest. This part of the exam is done on the C-arm using fluoroscopy to help guide the radiologist in precise placement of the needle containing the contrast.

Then, you will be moved to our MRI suite where the contrast enhances the images to highlight the area being examined to better show tears, disease or other conditions within the joint.

Watch the Video:

This video was created by Center for Diagnostic Imaging. Insight Imaging and Encinitas MRI Center are part of this national CDI network. 


A member of our center team will contact you with instructions before your exam. However, there are no specific preparations other than standard MRI safety (metal-free).

After the Exam

Our radiologist will review your images and write a diagnostic report. This report and images will be shared with your referring provider within 24 hours. Your provider will contact you once they’ve reviewed the information regarding follow-up care. You may experience some temporary, mild soreness at the injection site. If this continues, contact your provider.

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A physician’s referral is required.