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Oval MRI: The New Shape of MRI

MRIs vary. You have options.

The Oval MRI scanner at Insight Imaging – Garfield, just 13 miles from Downey, is the latest in advanced imaging technology. At 74 cm, the opening of the scanner (called the bore) is wider than current MRIs being marketed as “wide-bore MRI.” 

See one patient's experience with the Oval MRI

The extra space provides for a more comfortable imaging experience, ideal if you are:

  • Anxious
  • Claustrophobic
  • Broad-shouldered
  • Bariatric (over-weight or with a large build)
Oval MRI at Insight Imaging - Downey

What is the benefit of high-field MRI?

As a high-field (1.5 Tesla) scanner, you benefit from shorter exam times and high-quality images, which are critical in making a proper diagnosis without the need for rescans.

Why should I choose Insight Imaging for my MRI?

Our certified technologists are with you throughout the MRI process, helping you onto the scanner bed, monitoring you through a viewing window as they run the scanner, talking with you through a two-way communication system while your exam is underway and at your side when you need them.

It's your choice where to go for imaging care

Be confident that when choosing Insight Imaging, you are receiving the latest in imaging technology delivered by industry experts.