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Heading South for the Winter?

Finding the Best Health Care Away from Home

If you're traveling South for the winter, you can count on leaving the snow and cold behind but one thing you don't want to leave back home is access to your health care. Whether you're traveling for five days or five months, Insight Imaging has you covered when it comes to imaging. 

Insight Imaging in Arizona is part of the CDI national network of medical imaging providers, with centers across the country. Your physician can easily refer you to a CDI-affiliated center in another city, and since the radiologists within the network tend to know each other and work well together, you can expect seamless care and communication no matter which center you are seen at.


health care away from home

More Tips to Get Your Health Care Ready to Travel

Make a Call: Calling your health care insurance provider prior to your departure for warmer weather and sunnier skies is important so that you understand any rules for coverage while you’re away.

Ask for Your Records: Physicians and hospitals all over the country are using electronic record filing for patients, which means you’ll have an easier time accessing your medical records from another state.

Most physicians or medical groups, use online platforms to provide patients access to their medical records. This can be between your primary care physician and a hospital or it can be a way to share your records between doctors in different states. At CDI, radiologists are able to see a patient’s scan performed at any CDI location.

Ask your primary doctor or medical group if they have an online system for you to access your medical records by logging into a website. For any imaging history, you can ask your physician to download the scans on a disc that you can then carry with you and provide when needed.

Follow-up: Whether you’ve spent a warm, sunny five days or five months away, at some point you’ll be leaving the golf course or beach behind and heading back to home base. Now what? Well, here at CDI we want you to enjoy the trip back home and make sure you update your doctor when you return. Now that you’re a savvy traveller, you’ll have all the information, records and summaries of care on hand to give to your primary physician.