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Our History

Dr. Heithoff

CDI, founded in 1981 in Minneapolis, was the vision of radiologist Kenneth Heithoff, M.D. Dr. Heithoff realized early on the importance of focusing on an area of the body to subspecialize in radiology. As a result, he was one of the first highly specialized spine radiologists, dedicating his practice to diagnosing conditions involving the spine.

After working in a hospital setting, Dr. Heithoff knew that he could deliver a higher quality of patient care and treatment outcomes in a more affordable way for patients through an ambulatory or non-hospital setting. That vision has become a reality. The CDI model started with CT services in an outpatient location in Minneapolis, and in 1986 the company installed its first MRI scanner. As a spine radiologist, Dr. Heithoff grew his practice and services by partnering with other specialists who shared a similar commitment and vision, including musculoskeletal, neuro, body and interventional radiology. As the radiology practice grew, the team worked closely with referring physicians, orthopedic surgeons, spine specialists, neurologists and neurosurgeons, as well as primary care physicians and chiropractors, consulting on cases to inform and guide appropriate patient care.


Kurt P. Schellhas, M.D.

Advancements in medical imaging, injections for pain and other interventional procedures grew as CDI's radiologist partners pursued emerging best practices for using medical imaging to enhance patient care. Kurt P. Schellhas, M.D. joined CDI in 1986 and was named National Medical Director of Minnesota Scanning Consultants, PA, one of CDI's largest radiology practices, in 2005. Dr. Schellhas currently serves as director of spine intervention and director of the Ambulatory Surgical Center at CDI. Working with Dr. Heithoff, who retired in 2006, their team positioned CDI as a national leader in spinal injections performed under image guidance, to diagnose and treat pain.

CDI, through organic market growth and acquisitions, is a collection of partners, centers and physicians, which doubled in size with the transaction for Insight Imaging in 2012. Today with operations in over 40 states and with a variety of partnerships, CDI continues to partner with radiologists, physicians and hospitals to assess, reorganize and more effectively operate their radiology and related service lines.

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