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Focus of the CDI Quality Institute

Continuity of care among all of our physicians and their clinical teams.

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This means, when you access care from a CDI partner, the radiologists and physicians we’re affiliated with nationally, support and work towards CDI’s national quality standards. We are driven to accomplish this for every patient we serve.


Programs that benefit your local community include:

CDI has developed an industry-leading peer review and mentoring program that allows our radiologists and physicians to review other cases in their own and different partner markets, sharing emerging best practices without delay. Through this program, our physicians continually improve with instant feedback consultations, sharing what they see in brain or spine cases, for example, and how they interpret different patient cases. Through RQM, our partnering physicians also share protocols and processes to continuously enhance clinical quality, no matter what service we are providing or type of diagnostic test is needed.

Studies clearly indicate that radiologists who specialize in one area of the body are much more accurate in their interpretation of the patients’ images.  This is also true of other physicians and for our technologists, who are highly trained in specific equipment to assure the test is done right the first time. CDI is working to assure that every radiologist and physician we partner with continually enhances his or her expertise in spine, neurological, musculoskeletal, body or cardiac imaging or may specialize in diagnostic injections and pain management or vascular procedures.

While not all levels of quality are easily measured, the CDI Quality Institute does provide measurable attributes of quality through our Radiologist Dashboard, which includes more than a dozen such attributes.  Combining all of these attributes begins to offer assurance to our customers that we can provide continuity of best practice care to each of our patients throughout the nation.  

Seeking solutions to keep healthcare accessible and affordable.

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Too frequently “access to care” refers to the availability of appointments or being able to see a physician in your network. Access for us means helping people get access to the high-quality care they need, regardless of their location, financial means, insurer, or health status.

Nationally, CDI has served a leadership role in promoting higher standards for Medicare and Medicaid patients, resulting in better protection against poor image quality of diagnostic tests.  Additionally, for many years, CDI has served a pivotal role in fighting insurance prior authorization programs which delay care for patients by advocating for the use of smarter, real-time, electronic tools which help to assure that a patient receives the right type of diagnostic test the first time.  

Programs that benefit your local community include:

We are delivering a consistent message to other payers, encouraging these insurers to save health care dollars by including high quality providers in their network, as well as advocating for electronic solutions to prior authorization programs, because of the potentially devastating delays in care that patients at times face.

CDI, Insight Imaging and affiliated partners provide significant charitable care for patients of several Federally Qualified Health Centers. The CDI Institute continues to work with the health centers to find creative and effective solutions for those without financial means who are also uninsured.

Through the CDI Quality Institute, the organization has and will remain highly active in helping government policy makers, insurers and treating clinicians in our communities across the U.S. understand and implement quality solutions that ultimately better assure that the patient receives the right exam, at the right time, done right.

Maintaining patient-focus despite changes in health care.

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As a management company,CDI’s foundation of quality and service is deep and will not be eroded by the current winds of change affecting our health care system.  Too often, government and private sector officials making decisions about health care are not sophisticated in their understanding of quality of care and are therefore only focused on cost.  High quality care and excellent patient service saves money.  CDI and its affiliated partners assume a collective responsibility to advocate for our patients, which must remain the focus, no matter what organization or government entity is providing the care.

Programs that benefit your local community include:

Sometimes, these partners are respected health systems, in other communities this is a group of highly-regarded physicians in independent practice. In smaller communities, we often bring the resources of both our specialized radiologist team and high strength equipment to areas that otherwise would not have access to high quality imaging.   Often, we partner with purchasers of health care, such as Labor Funds and employers who are devoted to providing high quality care that is right for each of their workers.