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CDI Quality Institute Clinical Guidelines


The purpose of the CDI Quality Institute clinical guidelines is to promote quality and continuity, where appropriate for medical practices within the CDI national network, and to provide relevant and up to date background information to support the development of policies within each individual practice. The guidelines are a summary and distillation of relevant literature and subspecialty guidelines and are not considered policy. Guidelines should be adjusted for local standards of care, associated hospital or network policies, hospital versus outpatient settings, different patient populations and your own risk tolerance. Guidelines should also be modified to account for new information or publications that become available between revisions. This set of guidelines is being shared by the Institute with the permission of Medical Scanning Consultants, PA.


Screening Mammography Guidelines

Breast Density and Breast Screening Guidelines

Prostate Interpretation


Fusion Analysis on CT Spine Exams

Guidelines for the Management of Incidental Findings on MRI, CT and Ultrasound

Incidental Osteoporosis on Routine Abdominal and Chest CT

Lumbar Spine Definitions and Diagnostic Criteria: Degeneration, Herniation and Stenosis

Lung-Cancer Screening Program Guidelines

MRI Protocol Optimization Program

Guidelines for the Management of Patients on Oral Anticoagulation and Antiplatelet Therapy Undergoing Percutaneous Image-Guided Needle Procedures

Anticoagulation Guideline Update

CDI Quality Institute Epidural Steroid Injection Guideline

Primary Care Guideline Summary – Lumbar Spine

Summary of Literature and Recommendations Concerning Immunization and Steroid Injections

Thyroid Ultrasound Reporting Guideline Recommendations

Gadolinium Contrast Administration Guideline

Labeling Syringes

Appropriate Imaging

Appropriateness of Advanced Imaging Procedures in Patients with Low Back Pain

Appropriateness of Advanced Imaging Procedures in Patients with Neck Pain


General CT Abdominal/Pelvis Report Format

CT KUB or Hematuria Report Format

CT RUQ Pain Report Format

General MRI/CT Report Format

Lumbar Spine MRI/CT Report Format

Knee MRI/CT Report Format (alternative 1)

Knee MRI/CT Report Format (alternative 2)

Shoulder MRI/CT Report Format (alternative 1)

Shoulder MRI/CT Report Format (alternative 2)


CDI Quality Institute ICD-10 Physician Guideline

ICD-10 Physician Tips, Issue #1

ICD-10 Physician Tips, Issue #2

ICD-10 Physician Tips, Issue #3

ICD-10 Physician Tips, Issue #4

ICD-10 Physician Tips, Issue #5


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