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The CDI Quality Institute

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What connects our customers, physicians, clinical providers and patients, is that they all depend on quality of care. Because of this, The CDI Quality Institute was founded in 2003 to define and pursue quality measures in radiology (or medical imaging) and our related service lines. Our goal is to better define quality of care for our customers, in a way that makes sense to them.

What is The CDI Quality Institute? 

The CDI Quality Institute is a non-profit organization directly affiliated with CDI and its partners. It is governed by the CDI Council of Medical Directors and is devoted to achieving and promoting excellence in patient care through the sharing of best practices.  Meaning, if we saw excellent results providing clinical services one way, we ask how to apply that information to improve other areas of patient care.

The Institute is the professional development arm for the radiologists (physicians specially trained in medical imaging) and other specialists who read cases and/or perform procedures for CDI, Insight Imaging and our affiliated partners.  This focus on excellence through our national networks helps our physicians continually enhance their clinical expertise so we can provide the best trained physicians and clinical teams in each of the communities we serve. 


National Leadership and Local Care

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As we strive toward developing and maintaining best practice medical imaging and excellence in patient service, there are three main areas we focus on nationally to define and measure quality, and it is how our care delivery model translates into value for our patients, including continuity of care, solutions to keep healthcare accessible and affordable, and maintaining the focus on patient care through industry and governmental change.

To the patients we care for, this translates to: The right exam, at the right time, done right.

CDI and our affiliated partners are continually innovating to find new and better ways to maintain our foundation of patient-focused health care.  We welcome patients, their doctors and other community partners in this journey.  


The CDI Quality Institute's Focus

  1. Continuity of care among all our physicians and their clinical teams
  2. Seeking solutions to keep healthcare accessible and affordable
  3. Maintaining patient-focus despite changes in health care
"CDI’s founding value was, and is, excellence achieved through our unwavering commitment to specialized and patient-centered care. The specialty focus enables our radiologists and physicians to gain a tremendous depth and breadth of experience so we are as good as anyone in the world at what we do."
Kenneth Heithoff, M.D., CDI's Founder