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We Specialize in Answers

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Every year, more than one million patients trust Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) to provide important answers to their healthcare questions. As one of the nation's largest providers of diagnostic imaging services, our care and expertise is delivered through outpatient centers and mobile imaging services in hundreds of communities by local teams of top radiologists, technologists and care providers. 

CDI continues to grow and thrive through local partnerships built on a foundation of delivering quality, access, service excellence and value. Together, Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI), Insight Imaging and our other affiliated providers create one of the nation's largest and most trusted provider networks for diagnostic imaging, interventional radiology and mobile imaging services.

What is CDI?

We are a Provider
Our network of outpatient-based diagnostic imaging centers have the best local radiologists, clinical teams and operational support with an unwavering focus on quality, access, service excellence and value. 

We are a Radiology & Physician Management Company
Our management team has extensive expertise in diagnostic imaging operations and related services. As a partner, our goal is to deliver the best quality and performance at a lower cost for providers and patients in our communities. 

We are a Mobile Imaging Partner
We provide full-service, short- and long-term MRI, PET/CT and CT mobile diagnostic imaging solutions to hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations.

We are a Consulting & Management Services Group
CDI offers a wide range of consulting services and partnership arrangements to help other health care organizations improve performance and manage radiology and related outpatient services offerings in their communities.

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The Network Advantage

CDI’s large national network connects our providers and partners to other clinical providers and staff across the country. This sophisticated network grants our partners access to best practices and gives them the ability to consult with other specialized physicians to continually improve patient care and outcomes. As a locally focused, national provider, CDI offers our patients the best of both worlds: individualized, local care combined with extensive healthcare expertise.

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"We will be the recognized leader in providing high-quality radiology, management and related healthcare services, focused on the needs of our local communities."
CDI's Vision